Automated Gates

Automated Gates from SheffLOCK Security Solutions can quickly replace standard gates with full access remotely controlled by you via a key fob or app on your phone. One of several methods to quickly make your home secure without costing a fortune.

Automated Gates
sliding gates

Secure your home with aluminum sliding gates that will blend perfectly with your property according to your needs. Made to measure in several colors, this motorised gate is ready to be installed & guaranteed for 25 years.

swing gates

Our fully installed swing gates offer a modern entrance & privacy. Solid aluminium gates will secure your home with attactive 20cm fern shaped slats. Custom swing gates with weather resistant colour matched coating. You will not have to be concerned about trespassers.


Commercial settings can run automated gate systems that use pin codes & card readers. Card readers do away with the requirement for a security officer to let authorized people in and out after verifying their identities & can keep track of staff check-in and check-out hours.


Automated Gates

Automated Gate Installation

Remote operated gate openers are controlled by a keyfob or control interface. Home and business owners in Sheffield want to know if an automated gate system is a good investment so here are some points to help you.

There are countless models of fencing and gate systems now available in the market, and to truly enhance the look and comfort aspect of your home or commercial property, you will need to do your research and find one that fits your needs and does not look out of place. As with all other hardware and equipment, an automated gate system may start to show signs of wear and tear over the years, depending on the material they are made from.

In this case, our experts can repair your gate system in no time and have it back in top working condition. Annual service and checkups are recommended to keep the system in good working conditions for many years. We can repair any gate system you may have, even if you did not get it installed by us.

If you are interested in exploring your options when it comes to the world of automated gates, you can request a quote on our website.

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Modern gates with reliable security

Enhanced Security

With an automated gate system, you can rest assured that no unwanted intruders will be able to enter your property without your assent. This factor makes these gates a popular choice for many property owners. Furthermore, the additional height of an automated gate system also adds to the safety and security of your home or place of business. Any attacker attempting to trespass into your property will have difficulty jumping over the gate because of its height. When used with CCTV, motion sensors, or other security systems, an automated gate dramatically reduces the risk of an invasion, robbery, or other crime. Automated gate systems have technology that allows them to contact your phone and send you an alert if an intrusion is detected.

Increase in Property Value

When you choose to install an automated gate system, you will have peace of mind knowing that if you ever choose to sell the property with an automated gate system, the investment you have made will pay itself off. This is due to the fact that such systems add to the security, beauty, and comfort of any home or business, so the property value also goes up when you get this system installed.

Greater Comfort

There are times when we have all wished that we wouldn’t have to open the gate to let someone in and they could just let themselves in, or we are tired after a long drive and just wish the gate would open itself. Automated gate systems eliminate the need to manually open the gate, and you can seamlessly drive into your garage by activating the system to let you in. You might think that this is not a big problem, but when you do not have to get out of the car to open the driveway gate in the cold winter months or rainy weather, you will surely thank yourself for deciding to get an automated gate system installed.


The wealthy and regal look that an automated gate system can lend to a property cannot be understated. Whether you choose to go for a swing gate, slide gate, or a tilt gate, the designs available at United Fence and Construction Co. will make your home look chic and add an air of luxury to the place. Whether you plan to sell the property in a few years or make it your forever home, an automated gate will up the curb appeal for you and any future renters or buyers of the property.


When you entrust us with the installation of your automatic gate, you can be assured that the investment you’re making in your and your family’s future will pay off handsomely for years to come. Our systems are top-of-the-line, and we adhere to all local building codes to ensure long-lasting.

Pet & Child Safety

Instead of just making sure that intruders cannot enter your property, an automated gate system also protects those on the other side of the gate. When your pets and children play outside on the lawn, you will not have to continuously check up on them to make sure that they haven’t wandered outside when you know for sure that only you can open the gate. This feature makes automated gate systems a popular choice among parents and pet parents!


A robust driveway gate with fencing can provide you with the privacy you desire. While relaxing on your porch, you won’t have to worry about inquisitive eyes from passers-by. Unknown visitors will also be unable to snoop around on your property. When employed in a commercial setting, an automated gate system alleviates any business owner’s concerns by guaranteeing that no unwanted individuals would be able to enter and perhaps cause difficulties.


In the past, you could only expect to find automated gate systems outside of the homes of celebrities or the uber-wealthy. But due to recent advancements in these systems, they have now become accessible for a much larger subset of the population. You can find a gate system that takes you a few steps closer to the house of your dreams, all while keeping your budget in check.

Advanced Technology

Your old gate can now be converted to an automated one thanks to modern technology. This will reduce the expense of a new gate and leave you with only the electric gate system to install. People often worry that if they have an electric gate system, they will be locked inside or out of a power outage, but now a solar-powered or backup battery mechanism may be put alongside the system to solve these worries.

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Fantastic, trustworthy local company. We've had two new Automated Gate fitted by SheffLOCK and we are very happy with them. Both locks were installed to a very high standard of quality by Glenn, who left the work area completely neat and clean on both occasions. Debi and Diane in the office are also very friendly and helpful during the ordering process. Thank you! :)

Robe Hope
Business Owner

I have been very pleased with my experience of SheffLOCK. I received a free visit from Chris to give me advice on security, there was no pressure involved, and after I had decided what I wanted it was fitted within a matter of a few days. The engineers who did the work were friendly and helpful, and completed the job very quickly. I had one slight difficulty with a lock which had been fitted. When I raised this with Chris he immediately arranged for the lock to be changed at no extra charge. I certainly recommend SheffLOCK. Their products are good, they respond to email communications immediately, and they are obviously committed to achieving excellent customer satisfaction.

Paul Doherty

SheffLOCK recently fitted a new anti-snap lock for us. We're extremely happy with the service they provided. From talking us through the fitting process to the day it was fitted they ensured we got exactly what we wanted. The team are very friendly and professional. The new anti-snap lock is very good quality, it looks excellent and makes our home feel more secure.

Jedoer Dksro

SheffLOCK recently fitted a new composite front door for us. We're extremely happy with the service they provided. From talking us through the door design to the day it was fitted they ensured we got exactly what we wanted. The team are very friendly and professional. The new door is very good quality, it looks excellent and makes our home feel more secure.

Greg Carrott

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